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StoryTerrace offers the widest selection of professional ghostwriters in the world. We'll match you with the perfect writer based on your story, location, background and preferences.

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Critically Acclaimed Writer

Daryn Kagan

You might remember Daryn from her 12+ years as an anchor on CNN. Today, her syndicated column, “What’s Possible” runs in newspapers across the country, and has also published two books.

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Senior Writer

Harry Victor

Harry is a Los Angeles based TV writer, producer, playwright, and script doctor. He’s written for numerous TV shows, including such critically acclaimed series as Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, LAX, and Eureka.

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Junior Writer

Ashley Okwuosa

Ashley is a Nigerian born writer and journalist. She has written about everything from immigration, education, and politics to beauty and lifestyle. Her work has appeared on WNYC, Quartz, and other news sites.

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Your Story in Your Voice

The magic of working with a ghostwriter is their ability to represent your voice on the page, bringing your story to life in an engaging way that is true to your personality.

Celeste Hamilton-Dennis
1 min 29 sec

"We laughed a lot through it. Her questions prompted me to bring back memories I had really forgotten."

"We laughed a lot through it. Her questions prompted me to bring back memories I had really forgotten."

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We offer writers at three levels of experience: Junior, Senior and Critically Acclaimed. All of our writers are talented professionals who have been personally assessed by our editors.

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Up & coming stars - typically recent graduates of top journalism and creative writing programs

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Our senior writers are established professionals, with a substantial body of published work

Critically Acclaimed

Our most experienced writers are at the top of their trade, and have worked with top publishers and newspapers.

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