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Once you’ve written your story, it’s time to share it with the world. Publish and promote your book on 70+ platforms worldwide with expert help from StoryTerrace.

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Publish and promote your book on platforms including Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble. Learn to do it yourself with expert coaching support, or hire us to do it for you.



Despite its name, self-publishing is not a DIY job. It takes real expertise to optimize your book for e-readers and create an eye-catching commercial cover — not to mention navigate all the details of writing descriptions that sell, creating a winning bio and getting your book to rank.

Our expert self-publishing coach guides you through every step of this complex process so you can successfully sell your book online. You’ll learn how to run your author dashboard to self-publish, promote, and collect royalties from your book — skills you’ll be able to use for your next book, too.


Publishing is only half of the picture — promotion is what sells your book in a highly competitive market. We offer personal coaching that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to expand your audience and boost sales.

Our book promotion expert will provide an overview of the process as well as in-depth tips for your genre. You’ll also learn how to harness the power of reviews and other specialized marketing techniques to reach as many readers as possible.


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Self-Publishing Add-Ons

You can purchase these as a bolt-on to our ghostwriting packages, or as a standalone service if you've written your own manuscript.




We make your book available for purchase on Amazon as an ebook and paperback

  • Your book available as color paperback and ebook
  • Free ISBN provided by Amazon*
  • Keyword & metadata research to enhance your book's discoverability
  • Amazon author page & Goodreads video tutorials
  • 3 support calls & unlimited email support from our team of experts
1,000 USD
  • *ISBN provided by Amazon cannot be used outside of Amazon, which means the book will not be able to be published on other platforms.



We make your book available across 12+ popular platforms and deliver expert guidance on how to promote your book


  • Everything in Add-on #1, plus...
  • Your book available as color paperback, ebook, and hardback
  • Published on multiple platforms: Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Vivlio, BorrowBox, and more**
  • Promotion strategy session with an expert book marketing coach
2,250 USD
  • **This package requires you to purchase your own ISBNs, which will cost an extra$295. An additional listing fee of $100 is also required for the distribution of the book via the IngramSpark network.



We make your book available across 12+ popular platforms and execute your book's promotion plan

  • Everything in Add-on #2, plus…
  • Press release blast to 300+ online press websites
  • Ad campaign setup & budget management for 3 months***
  • Four 3D book cover images for promotional use
  • Three guest post articles to drive book discoverability
  • Landing page or book video trailer or 12 social media posts — your coach will tailor the approach to your audience and goals
4,000 USD
  • *** This package requires you to purchase your own ISBNs, which will cost an extra $295. An additional listing fee of $100 is also required for the distribution of the book via the IngramSpark network. The Amazon KDP advertising budget is not included in the package and it’s recommended to budget $175 per month for three months, as a starting guideline.
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Publish your book to a wide audience

StoryTerrace Self-Publishing Packages packages start from $700 for basic online distribution. Get in touch to find out more about how professional self-publishing and promotion can boost your readership today.


How do Amazon’s royalties work?

On Amazon, you set the price you want to charge customers and Amazon calculates the rate you will be paid (the royalties) after printing costs, distribution costs, download costs for e-books, and Amazon’s fees. 

Please note that the final price depends on the printing costs and you may have to set a higher price to cover printing and distribution costs.

How does Amazon’s printing work?

Amazon KDP offers print-on-demand, which means that the book is only printed as and when a customer orders it. Their offering is “cheap and cheerful”, so the print quality isn’t amazing, but it is for a low cost and therefore means you can increase your royalties or offer books at a lower price. However, please note that the quality will not be as good as the books printed by Story Terrace. There is also very little we can do about printing quality issues with Amazon (such as alignment issues or inconsistent colours on the cover).

When can people order my book?

Customers can order your book as soon as it’s live in Amazon’s system and you’ve had the approval email. However, you may wish to order a “proof copy”, which Amazon will send you, and check you’re happy with it before you tell people to start ordering. If there are any issues with the proof copy formatting, please let us know and we will look into this for you. As such, it’s better to leave 1-2 weeks after your book has been approved by Amazon before you start informing people that it’s available. Any changes will have to go through Amazon’s approval process again, and will be subject to a 24-72 turnaround by them.

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"Labor First recently used StoryTerrace to tell the compelling story of our CEO and how he began his very own business helping Retired Union Workers get the healthcare they deserve. With the assistance of StoryTerrace, our CEO was nominated for a prestigious award in the Philadelphia area. We thank you guys for the hard work you put into your story telling, whether it's for an individual or a company."


Kasey Mac

"I wanted to inspire and motivate my readers in finding their purpose and passion for their career and personal journey. StoryTerrace was able to assist me in sharing my personal journey and professional experience in my book, "Don't Stop Now." If you've been thinking about sharing your personal journey and leaving a legacy for others, then I strongly recommend StoryTerrace to assist you in bringing it all together."


Charles Redd