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Is StoryTerrace Pro Right for You?

StoryTerrace Pro is designed for professionals in every field who want to share their knowledge, passion and expertise with the world. We work with entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and inventors who have amazing ideas but are too busy to complete a book on their own.

  • Launch a new endeavor.
  • Establish thought leadership.
  • Attract clients and investors.


Have a personal story to tell?

StoryTerrace also provides biographers to help you write your private memoirs, family histories, and more. See our biography services here.


Already have a completed manuscript?

If you’ve written a book on your own, congratulations — that’s a huge accomplishment! We can help you get it in front of the right audience with our self-publishing services.


StoryTerrace writers are recruited from leading newspapers, magazines and publishing houses around the world. They include experts in many fields and are often graduates of prestigious journalism and creative writing programs. No matter how technical the topic, we have a writer who’s perfect for the job.

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Dr. Adam Abodeely

"The book has helped my business
grow and has helped me gain credibility
as a thought leader in this industry."

Self-Publishing with StoryTerrace Pro

How It Works

We help entrepreneurs, coaches, public speakers and professionals share their expertise with the world. When you have an idea that’s poised to set the world on fire, we work with you every step of the way. From cover design to publication and promotion, our team turns your idea into a beautiful, professional book to promote your business or personal brand.


Writer Match & Interviews

We start with a strategy session to understand your business and your goals for your book, and we'll recommend a professional writer who suits your project perfectly. They'll conduct in-depth interviews - often face-to-face - to understand your angle and capture your unique voice.


Book Editing & Design

Your writer and our experienced in-house editorial team will present a detailed book plan for your approval. While they write and edit the book with your feedback, our graphic designers will help you customize the cover art and add images, charts and other important graphics throughout the book.


Publishing & Distribution

You'll work with our publishing expert to learn the ins and outs of publishing your book with Amazon and other online sellers that target your intended audience. You're in control of all publishing decisions and earn full royalties from every sale.


Marketing & Promotion

We work with you to create the most effective marketing strategy to reach your specific audience. From traditional advertising and press releases to social media marketing, podcasts and blogging, you'll learn everything you need to know to get your book noticed.


Pro Packages

We offer three book packages to put your ideas into print.




We make your book available for purchase on Amazon as an ebook and paperback


  • 20,000 words + 40 photos
  • 10 hours of interviews with a Premium writer
  • Bespoke commercial cover & interior design
  • 10 hardbound full-colour author copies (120 pages)

  • Content strategy session with a self-publishing expert before writing begins
  • Your book available as colour paperback and ebook
  • Free ISBN provided by Amazon*
  • Keyword & metadata research to enhance your book's discoverability
  • Amazon author page & Goodreads video tutorials
  • 3 support calls & unlimited email support from our team of experts
7,500 GBP
  • *ISBN provided by Amazon cannot be used outside of Amazon, which means the book will not be able to be published on other platforms.



We make your book available across 12+ popular platforms and deliver expert guidance on how to promote your book


  • 40,000 words + 50 photos
  • 20 hours of interviews with a Premium writer
  • Bespoke commercial cover & interior design
  • 10 hardbound full-colour author copies (200 pages)

  • Everything in the Consultant Package, plus...
  • Your book available as colour paperback, ebook, and hardback
  • Published on multiple platforms: Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Vivlio, BorrowBox, and more**
  • Promotion strategy session with an expert book marketing coach
14,500 GBP
  • **This package requires you to purchase your own ISBNs, which will cost an extra £164. An additional listing fee of £75. is also required for the distribution of the book via the IngramSpark network.



We make your book available across 12+ popular platforms and execute your book's promotion plan


  • 60,000 words + 60 photos
  • 30 hours of interviews with a Premium writer
  • Bespoke commercial book cover & interior design
  • 10 hardbound full-colour author copies (300 pages)

  • Everything in the Professional Package, plus...
  • Press release blast to 300+ online press websites
  • Ad campaign setup & budget management for 3 months***
  • Professionally written author bios for promotional use
  • Four 3D book cover images for promotional use
  • Three guest post articles to drive book discoverability
  • Landing page or book video trailer or 12 social media posts — your coach will tailor the approach to your audience and goals
21,950 GBP
  • *** This package requires you to purchase your own ISBNs, which will cost an extra £164. An additional listing fee of £75 is also required for the distribution of the book via the IngramSpark network. The Amazon KDP advertising budget is not included in the package and it’s recommended to budget £150 per month for three months, as a starting guideline.

Need extra copies or already have a manuscript? Looking for something a little different? Our customer service team are happy to develop a custom package just for you.

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Customer Reviews


"Labor First recently used StoryTerrace to tell the compelling story of our CEO and how he began his very own business helping Retired Union Workers get the healthcare they deserve. With the assistance of StoryTerrace, our CEO was nominated for a prestigious award in the Philadelphia area. We thank you guys for the hard work you put into your story telling, whether it's for an individual or a company."


Kasey Mac

"I wanted to inspire and motivate my readers in finding their purpose and passion for their career and personal journey. StoryTerrace was able to assist me in sharing my personal journey and professional experience in my book, "Don't Stop Now." If you've been thinking about sharing your personal journey and leaving a legacy for others, then I strongly recommend StoryTerrace to assist you in bringing it all together."


Charles Redd

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How do Amazon’s royalties work?

On Amazon, you set the price you want to charge customers and Amazon calculates the rate you will be paid (the royalties) after printing costs, distribution costs, download costs for e-books, and Amazon’s fees. 

Please note that the final price depends on the printing costs and you may have to set a higher price to cover printing and distribution costs.

How does Amazon’s printing work?

Amazon KDP offers print-on-demand, which means that the book is only printed as and when a customer orders it. Their offering is “cheap and cheerful”, so the print quality isn’t amazing, but it is for a low cost and therefore means you can increase your royalties or offer books at a lower price. However, please note that the quality will not be as good as the books printed by Story Terrace. There is also very little we can do about printing quality issues with Amazon (such as alignment issues or inconsistent colours on the cover).

When can people order my book?

Customers can order your book as soon as it’s live in Amazon’s system and you’ve had the approval email. However, you may wish to order a “proof copy”, which Amazon will send you, and check you’re happy with it before you tell people to start ordering. If there are any issues with the proof copy formatting, please let us know and we will look into this for you. As such, it’s better to leave 1-2 weeks after your book has been approved by Amazon before you start informing people that it’s available. Any changes will have to go through Amazon’s approval process again, and will be subject to a 24-72 turnaround by them.